Welcome to my page. This page was last updated on Dec 27. Hey all, sorry I haven't updated in so long, I have been really busy. There have been updates in fan fiction, and the lyrics from Black & Blue have been put up in the Lyrics section. I also promise a section about the BSB Mature Fan Club will be up soon, if you want to check out their official site it is Mature Fan Club. There is always updates, current info and you can post on the message boards, but you can only join if you are 25+. I really need some more fan fiction stories, so if you have one send it to BSBizkette@juno.com or k.martinec@juno.com Come back soon! Hugs+Kisses-Kerri (Kerri's BSB Page - Š Kerri Martinec - if you want to use anything just ask)
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Backstreet Boys

Last updated: May 23, 1998

Welcome to A Page Dedicated to Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Click on the Picture Below to Enter a Place Where All Your Dreams Will Come True!!!