I am one of the biggest BSB fans ever I have been to 10 of there concerts you can't see any of my walls or ceiling because there filled with posters pictured etc. I have 12 BSB shirts including 4 new ones. My computer has a BSB: screensaver, background and the opening tune when I turn on my computer is Larger than life. I have tickets for there new concert tour in the US for Millennium! I have a life size poster of Brian (My favorite BSB) I have taped all there appearences from TV. I have all their CD's I know everything about them, Maybe because I have 4,624 articles about them I have 21 BSB key chains. I also have an autographed Millennium CD signed by each BSB, I met them in New York When they were on trl after the show!! I listen to there new CD Millennium everyday they have such great voices I can't wait till there upcoming concert well I wish I could say hi to the guys so If they ever read this e-mail me babes @ Slim303@hotmail.com.

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January 10th 2001
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