In case you don't know who the Backstreet Boys are, we are here to tell you ALL about them!

You know you're a real fan when..

1. You're the only girl in school nicknamed "Nickolas."

2. Instead of using your "brain" you say you use your "Brian."

3. You take pictures of every Durango, 4Runner, Expedition, BMW and Corvette you see, hoping one of them belongs to BSB.*guilty*

4. You name your pets after any one of the Boys' pets.*guilty*

5. You get a tattoo of the Boys that covers your entire body.

6. When talking to your friends, you're the only one who mentions Backstreet Boys every other sentence.

7. You met your best friend in a Backstreet Boys chat room.*hum, Sta are you refering to anyone I know? lol*

8. When you hear a name of someone, and they have the same name as one of the Boys, you shake and scream for joy.

9. You write a school research paper on one of the Boys.*sounds familiar STACIA!*

10. You know more about them than they know about themselves.

11. You dye your hair brown and get it done to look like Howie's.

12. You always order a #6 at McDonald's ('cause that's AJ's fave).

13. After graduating, you join the air force and become a fighter pilot to live out Kevin's first dream.

14. Your nickname or e-mail name online has something to do with Backstreet Boys.*guilty*

15. You only date guys with the names AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin, or Nick.

16. You can describe, in detail, what kind of clothing each Backstreet Boy wears.

17. The only books in your reading collection are about the Backstreet Boys.

18. You listen to their albums so much that even your MOM knows the words to every song.*guilty*

> 19. In the department store, you run around looking for Gravity cologne, just to see what Nick smells like.

20. You buy yellow lens sunglasses that look just like AJ's.

21. Every sentence out of your mouth seems like it came from one of BSB's songs.

22. Question: Who's back? Your answer: Backstreet.*guilty*

23. When you take a trip to the country just to see if you can spot a log cabin like Kevin grew up in.

24. When you start naming your children after the Boys...WAY before you're even old enough to have kids.

25. You start writing down lyrics to their songs everytime you get bored.*guilty*
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