NOTICE: December 27, 2000: From now on, I will not be updating. I have not for awhile, and will continue to do so. I'm sorry to those who depended upon pages such as this for their information, but I no longer have the time or want to keep up to date. I have grown up from when I was 13 and started this page. I'm 17, and my music interests have greatly expanded. I still like the BSB very much, though, and will always be a BSB fan, and buy their CDs. However, I shall not be updating a fan page. What is here is here, and will stay here, unless geocities decides to clean out their old fan pages and gets rid of this. KTBSPA.

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Backstreet Style


a) Ok! I got to know that their third singles for this year would be Show Me The Meaning (of Being
    Lonely), currently there's no word yet from official. What do you think? Express your views to the
    message board in my BSB Fans Center.

b) BSB have just signed a milionaire contract with their record company: Jive, It's a 60 million contract
    and it includes the record of 5 albums. It has been said that everything is ready to start the reconding
    of  the new album, that it's supposed to be released in September or October of next year.
    After signing this contract, the Backstreet Boys have the same economic level as big starts like
    Prince, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. The Boys from Orlando have sold till the moment
    about 40 millions copies of their albums worldwide, and they actually are the artists
    who have sold more albums in 1999 .- The Buffalo News