if your wondering what happened to the official page of Jennifer Renter, it's gone, temporarily because she's redoing a new one and will have it up soon when she gets a good address for it. Anyways!  I need you to do something HANSON FANS! The day that Hanson's new album comes out at record stores, buy it on the FIRST DAY! Not the 2nd day or anytime after that, the FIRST DAY! So that we will get enough people to buy it on the first day and even maybe beat the BSB record with Millennium. If you are a Hanson fan that supports them, you'll do this for them because they've brought you so much great music to live with.  In fact, I'm going to buy 3 of their new albums just for the life of it.  DO THIS FOR HANSON AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY THEY'LL BE (AND ALL THE OTHER HANSON FANS THAT CARE) .
First of all, I'm sorry because I hadn't updated this site for 4 months. I haven't been on the net for the period and I almost being admitted to the psychiatry ward!. Big apology for all of you.
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I have a question for you guys!
What do you think of Brian and Nick having girlfriends?
Do you hate the girlfriends or are you happy for the boys? C'mon guys, let me know YOUR opinion. I will put all the reactions on my opinion page. So, e-mail me and don't forget to mention your name and country! Go to the opinion page and read what other fans have to say to this question! PICTURES OF NICK'S GIRLFRIEND ADDED!!